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The multi-purpose Elektrike E3 One is here and will take you anywhere. The shortest route is through the forest or over that biking bridge or along the dunes, no problem. Going up hill or through a natural parc to record a beautiful scene or a videoclip with a mobile recording studio. It's all possible.

Mini Foodtruck

Being flexible as a starting entrepreneur is very important. With the small setup Elektrike Foodtruck you can start your business at a very young age.

Mobile Studio

Go to places no truck has gone before and set up your audio and film gear. Shoot a video in the most beautiful places on earth!

Lightweight Delivery

Green & lightweight transport is the new way to go. Orders from the lingerie shop, the drug store or phone shop don't have to be delivered by a gaslin' mega truck.

Globe Alive

Transport is one of the goals the Globe Alive foundation is looking to improve. In fact the Elektrike project is sponsored by the Globe Alive Foundation.

Slick & Practical Design

Always think about ways how we can make it strong, light, style-full and a handsome transporter.

Low Service

Costs on service are very low. Almost every part is used in normal bikes and the battery system is simple and useful.

About us & the design

Initiator and creative brain behind the Globe Alive Foundation Edwin Rijs was thinking about transport. How can you make it green, style-full, smaller and more useful?

Now the Elektrike E3 One is here and will take you anywhere. A moving soupkitchen, a mobile studio, a small Foodtruck or a mini DJ set-up. We can all ride in style.
Motion isn't a square, so Elektrike wants to give the 3 Wheel Electric Pedelec the grace of a running horse. Normally closed and open (electric and non-electric) tricycles are designed for practical lightweight transport or for handicapped people. But if you are moving stuff or you are physically challenged it doesn’t mean you don't want to ride in style. Of course you can still use the E3 One for just biking along, even when you don't have any biking experience. And it's still useful for lightweight package transport and a handsome bike for young girls and boys who need a special bike because they are in some way disabled.

User Experiances




Transport Usability


Fun To Drive


Our Elektrike E3 ONE Portfolio

The Elektrike E3 ONE HORSEPOWER is for everybody, if you are a boy, a girl, a hipster, a granny or if you are able or disabled. From DJ, to mobile studio and from family picnic to the youngest foodtruck owners, it doesn't matter who you are there is always a use for the Elektrike.


Horse Logo Design

Close To The Water

Go everywhere with the E3


A powerfull package transporter

The Smallest Foodtruck

The youngest foodtruck owners

How Does It Work

The mechanics of it all

A Mobile Studio

Creative (music) clips shot in nature

Sound On Road

Take your voice or beats anywhere

On Your Way

To somewhere outthere on the Eletrike


Happy Client


Youtube Recording Elektrike




Fast Support

Pricing Table & Funding / Partners

Elektrike is looking for partners to build a production version of this E3 One prototype.
Although Semi-manufactured parts can be purchased on the international marked, Elektrike plans to build the machine in The Netherlands / Holland.
Work & crowd-funding. The assembly, packaging line and PR operations is going to be in Holland, plans are to work together with social work places, so one user-group can build there own product.
The Good Crowd Fund is looking for partners to invest time and effort to make Elektrike a success. Pre-order your bike (estimated prices are between 1.600 and 2.200 Euro) and send us an email.

Basic E3 One

E 1.695,-/a piece
  • The first Elektrike
  • 36V Deepcycle Battery
  • Price is without taxes & duties
  • When we sell 25 vehicles or more, we start building
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Upgraded One

E 2.250,-/a piece
  • Setup Service + App
  • Lithium-ion choice
  • Rasberry Pi onboard
  • When we sell 25 vehicles or more, we start building
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Funding partner

E 500,-
  • A named partner and promoter
  • First choice on bikes
  • Discount on future purchase
  • when we sell 25 vehicles or more and we start building
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Press & Blog Posts

Here are some press releases and articles about the Elektrike ONE

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Juli 30, 2017 in Gizmag

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June 26, 2017 in Photography

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Groen in de IJmond

Juli 26, 2017 in Online

Press: Globe Alive presenteert de nieuwe groene Elektrike E3 One. Een bron van kracht. Geinspireerd op de Harley Trike en een fries paard. Een kleine elektrische driewieler met power!

Contact Us

If you have questions or you want to be a partner or order a Elektrike One send us an email with your name and email and we get back to you soon. Sign Up now and make a reservation.

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